Thursday, September 3, 2009

E.SESSION | Megan & Max

On Tuesday, Nate and I drove down to Newburyport, MA to meet up with Megan & Max, a really cool and fun couple who are getting married on October 3rd. Before hammering out the details of the wedding photography, we got right down to shooting their engagement session before we lost the beautiful sunset light. What a blast, this couple rocks!

And this totally trips me out... the top photo below is the original photo I took. Just for fun, I tried flipping it around so her hand wasn't upside down, and it looked like it popped out toward me instead of being indented in the sand. Do you see it, too? Nate said he sees it the opposite way I do. What do you see?

Crazy, no?


Almostmighty said...

I'm with Nate on the hand in the sand

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic, nicolle!! I loved looking at these ones...