Sunday, September 14, 2008


Before I post more photos from Katie + Yuriy's wedding, I'd like to take a little break and show you some from the shoot I had today at an apple orchard in the rain with a very cute couple.

naturally, it was pouring the whole time, and stopped once we were finished...

but they were totally great about it!

smooch smooch smooch!

you can't see it as well in the web size, but it's totally pouring!

they were such good sports!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

WEDDING | Katie & Yuriy

I am not finished going through these photos, but this was one of the cutest weddings ever with the sweetest bride and groom, so I had to share what I've gotten through so far.

it's all in the details :)

her future husband sent her this gift of chocolates because he wanted to make sure she had something to eat on her wedding day - what a sweetie!

thank you for all of these amazing photo-ops!! this family is adorable.

um hi, holy perfect location!

look at her parents in the background

i love these kinds of pictures!

There are certainly more to come, and I'll probably just tack them on to the end of this entry - so check back in a few days for more!


Welcome, welcome! This blog will be for posting a few photos here and there while I am editing a job and can't wait to show off my work.

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