Sunday, November 1, 2009

WEDDING | Megan & Max

Megan & Max got married at the Saphire Estate in Sharon, MA on October 3. I had been so much looking forward to their wedding because we had SUCH a blast with their e.session photos. I was a little depressed when I saw that the weather forecast was basically a 100% chance of rain. But Megan was in GREAT spirits when I arrived, and the day turned out to be great, despite the rain. They absolutely made the best of it, and let me just say that I have never photographed such a fun wedding reception! The band was amazing and kept the energy up the whole time, it felt like a rockin' concert. Megan & Max spent over two weeks in Greece for their honeymoon, I hope you guys had a blast! Best wishes.

They decided to do a "first encounter" which was totally awesome!
The rain dampened it a bit and made it quite a challenge, but we worked through it.

Megan working on her vows on the trolley on the way to the ceremony...

Max wrote the sweetest song for Megan and before he performed it he said, "These are my real vows!"

Max dancing with Megan's father, too funny...

The rain let up toward the middle of the afternoon, so Megan, Max and I snuck outside to take a few quick photos before the rain started back up again!

Gotta love that jump shot... let's hear it for Megan for doing it in heels!

Congrats guys, awesome wedding!