Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WEDDING | Emma & Phil

Coolest wedding I've shot in a while...
beautiful day, great light, unique and classy brit-am couple

two very different coloured eyes! so cool!

I haven't felt this confident after shooting a wedding in a while!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WEDDING | Talia & Joshua

What a beautiful day! What a beautiful place! Gotta love outdoor October weddings!

one of the most intricate bustles i've ever seen!

WEDDING | Jasmine & Ryan

I realize I never posted these because I started this blog after I shot their wedding, but this wedding was so much fun, and I got some gorgeous photos, so I decided to share.

It rained all day, and everyone was rushing around putting up tarps and a tent that was donated at the last minute, because the original plan was to have all the seating outside with no coverage. Turns out they didn't need any of it, because it stopped raining about an hour before the ceremony and turned into a beautiful night!

the most delicious cake i've ever had in my whole life

the rest are sourced from myspace, which puts artifacts in uploaded photos
so don't mind the crappier quality


their friends wrote a song for them and played it at the reception
it was so beautiful

group shot!

such a fun wedding to shoot! i grew up with the groom, so after i was done taking pictures for the night i went back to where we were staying to change, then went back to party. what a blast!