Monday, September 7, 2009

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I have been taking quite a few photos lately, I just haven't sat myself down to process them.

Two weekends ago, Nate and I went to Butternut Farm in Rochester (we're not sure, it might actually be in Strafford, NH) to pick some blueberries and peaches. If there's one thing I love more than anything else about late summer/early fall, it's picking fresh fruit! Since then we've gone blueberry picking again, and today we went apple picking.

pumpkin flower, so pretty! and shh, there's a bee sleeping inside ...or something.

from hand - to mouth!

This past Saturday, we went up north (I am from the Lincoln/Woodstock area) to visit for the day. My friend Cara-Jean had her baby, Sofi Mae, on September 1st, so I stopped over to do a few infant portraits of her. What a beauty!!!

I haven't taken pictures of my niece, Vivianna, in quite a while, because she's in her "terrible twos" and pretty much doesn't stop moving. I have a really hard time getting a decent portrait of her, especially with a large aperture, so I kinda haven't tried very much lately. These are what I got the other day.

Here is my upcoming schedule, I love fall for this reason!:
9/12 - Wedding
9/26 - Wedding
10/3 - Wedding
10/11 - Wedding

And I even have an assistant for all of them. Very exciting, I LOVE shooting weddings with an assistant!!

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