Monday, January 2, 2012

WEDDING | Brian & Larry

I would not say I had a banner year. I shot 3 weddings and had a few portrait sessions, and that's it. I was very sad to have a less-than-splendid business year in the photography world, but it is bound to happen every now and again. Because I was disappointed in myself for having a bad year, I haven't been keeping up with my blog. Now that it's winter and I have absolutely no shoots coming up, I have the time and energy to share my 2011 work with you! Let's start with Brian and Larry's wedding. Brian is one of my sister's college friends who lives out in Aurora, Illinois (just west of Chicago). They flew me out there and put me up for a few nights so I could shoot their wedding, which was the first civil union to take place at Larry's Episcopalian church! Such a fun time, as you'll see from the photos...

This is their daughter, Julia:

Their best women, Aimee and Jenny:

Very formal:

The tail end of their red velvet armadillo cake (a la Steel Magnolias):

Larry's grandmother signing their guest book - great idea!:

Such a character!

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