Sunday, October 17, 2010

PORTRAITS | Vivianna

Last week I went up north to visit my family and my sister helped me take some fall pictures of my niece, Vivianna. For a while (between 1-2 years old), Vivi was extremely hard to photograph because she never sat still. She's gotten a lot better, but this time the challenge was her fear of being up in a tree for a few of the photos. The face she's making in the first picture cracks me up because she was petrified and kept asking to get down, but we managed to get one smile out of her, and this was it:

What a doll, right?

This is on a different tree that's lower to the ground, she enjoyed it a lot more.

A couple of these are repeats from last year, we thought we'd try a "see how much she's grown" sort of thing.

I absolutely love this picture and the next one, she looks like a child model!

She's kind of perfect, eh?

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