Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We love going to dog beach. It's called Seapoint Beach and it's in Kittery, ME.
During the summertime, dogs are only allowed after 5pm.
So, needless to say, after 5pm, it's swarming with dogs. Totally awesomesauce!

monkey loves sticks

LOVES them

ok, now onto some other dogs...

tried getting some good pics of the shake-off

i don't wanna!

the butt-sniffing circle! love it.

and my feet getting wet...

nate with a fire-beard

oh and these are from the other night when i was taking pics of the sample album - monkey was laying on the bed and asking me to take pictures of him, so i had to. the light was just too gorgeous. so was my boy!

see, he really was asking me to take pictures of him! i don't kid!

and us!

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