Thursday, July 1, 2010

ALBUM | Kathleen & Griffith's Guest Book (Finally)

Last year, I made a post showing off the layouts for Kathleen & Griff's Guest Book Album, but looking back I realize I never made the post I promised to make showing what it looks like in real life.

Here are a few I took when I first received the guest book:

The beautiful black satin bag that all Vision Art Books come in

Front & Back cover

High quality binding and pages, guaranteed for life!

And here are a few I took at their wedding of the book after being signed:

These books really are an amazing way to showcase your engagement photos (for life, not just at your wedding!) and all of your favorite people get to look through the book and sign next to their favorite photo! So, when planning your wedding, budget for an E.Session Guest Book and you'll never regret it, promise!

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